Genius Cork it! With the tiny HOYT preserver, you can open a bottle for a single glass of wine - then save the rest for later. The most effective device of its kind that we've tested, it pulls the air from an open bottle and seals it with a stopper.


This little pump is the simplest way I've found to pull the oxygen - enemy to an open bottle - away from leftover wine.


- Sara Schneider - Wine Editor Sunset Magazine



Raise your glass if you ever drank more than your share of a bottle because you didn't think you could properly store the remainder. Ironically, the oxygen that improves young red wines can also spoil a nice, half-sipped bottle. The solution? HOYT’s Intelli-Stopper ($25). This gadget removes excess air from a bottle by creating a perfect vacuum. Now, go ahead and have just one glass with tonight's dinner and know tomorrow's libation will taste just as delicious.


- Julia Rutland -



If you are serious about your wine, you'll want this gadget that includes 1 Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump and 1 Intelli-Stopper. Think of it as a High-Tech "cork" that almost completely eliminates wine losing flavor and aroma in opened or unfinished bottles. The Grip-Touch pump works with the Intelli-Stopper to remove just the right amount of air from the bottle and you can store your wine flat or standing.


- Conner Flynn - Geek Alerts



As much as I like wine, I'm not much of a drinker. So when I open a bottle of good wine to cook with, more likely than not it will go stale before I have a chance to use it again. Enter the intelligent wine cork from a company called HOYT. The Intelli-Stopper is a "cork" that preserves the freshness, aroma and flavor of wine stored in opened bottles. A pump works in combination with the Intelli-Stopper cork to remove the right amount of air from bottles ensuring that even days later wine will be as fresh and fragrant as when it was opened. Hooray, it really works! No more expensive bottles of wine down the tubes.


- Barbara Rolek -



The HOYT Intelli-Stopper is easy to use, and though I don't have a scientific way to measure success (except for the red indicator), I can tell that when I take out the stopper, the whoosh of air tells me that the stopper worked. I've had other stoppers and I also have an electric preservation kit, but none of it comes close to the HOYT Intelli-Stopper. The preserver is small enough to stick in a drawer and doesn't need to be plugged in to an outlet, more pluses if you ask me. Here's another plus, that it doesn't advertise.  My mom and I were talking about wine, and she said she only buys wine with twist off tops.  She can get the cork out using a cork screw, but she can't get it back in. Most of the cork replacements were difficult to use also because with her arthritis, she can't grip them well. She tried the Intelli-stopper when she was visiting us and found it easy to use and was very pleased with it. I think it may be a stocking stuffer for this Christmas. I recommend the HOYT Intelli-Stopper. I'm not an authority on wine preservation, or a wine expert but if I have part of a bottle of wine leftover, I like having a way to keep out the stale air for a few days and this is the best wine preserver I've seen yet.


- Written by Diana -



We open a lot of wine around our house, hey it's my job you know. But, since I have a day job as well I can't drink it all and end up sealing many half-full bottles hoping that they will last a day or so. A couple of years ago a food magazine, Cooks Illustrated I believe, did a test of wine stoppers and came up with the conclusion that none of the closure methods available for home use really worked that well. I disagreed with some of their findings then and certainly disagree now having tested the HOYT Intelli-Stopper. This baby has technology worthy of the next space shuttle. I tested Intelli-Stopper on four red wines and two whites, and one bottle of beer. I like the smooth design and easy functionality of this device. It is the best looking vacuum wine stopper I have ever seen and it fits easily into my wine bag for BYOB dining. My test wines included: An Argentinian Bonarda, worked very well with this deep red wine. A Gruner Veltliner and a Riesling. These wines tend to keep better than other whites, but the Intelli-Stopper did seem to help. A cheap Italian Sangiovese Pizza Wine, did not get great results here, not surprising. A very good wine from Sicily, Passopisciaro Sicily IGT, worked very well here, thank god, that was an expensive wine. And lastly an inexpensive but very good Monastrell, Tempranillo, and Syrah blend from Spain. The stopper worked very well with this bottle. Just for laughs I tried it with a bottle of beer, but the carbonation broke the seal and it popped out. Oh well. I still plan to try this stopper with sparkling wine. Not all wine can be preserved with this stopper. Cheaper wines tend to go flat very quickly, but better wines, the ones you really want to save, seemed to keep for 2-3 days longer than the usual 1 or 2.


- Peter Conway - Wine Century Club Member





For a bit of background, I have conducted numerous preservation tests. My lifestyle prohibits me from opening and drinking a full bottle every night (I'm the only wino in my family, with a new and active baby). Therefore, it's been absolutely necessary to find a better solution than opening a bottle only to dump it the next day due to oxidation. The problem with most vacuum pumps, is that there is no way to know if the seal is leaking or not. With HOYT, that problem is truly solved. As long as you keep an eye on your bottle and re-pump when the indicator shows, your bottle and its flavor should be safe and sound! I think this is a great preserver, especially for those weary of the argon gas method.


- Jenna /

I used the Intelli-stopper again last night and it worked like a charm. The first night I had one glass of wine and it took 2-3 pumps. Last night after another glass it took about 5. From a consumer stand-point this was noticeably less "work" than my old hunk of junk that I was using.


- Matt, Phoenix, AZ


"I have never been a wine gadget fan, but HOYT is different. Unlike other wine preservers, the Wine Saver provides a very gentle and effective removal of oxygen, and works for several days even on the most delicate of wines, the wines that need it most."


- Catherine Fallis, Master Sommelier


"As a cardiologist, I recommend you limit yourself to no more than two glasses of red wine per day. As one who enjoys good wine in moderation, I recommend you use the HOYT wine preserver system. It keeps my wine tasting fresh for several days after I've opened the bottle."


- P. Dennis Citron, M.D., Cardiologist

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