Like so many good things, HOYT started in the kitchen.

On a visit back home to Arizona in the summer of 2008, my father and I reopened a bottle of good wine we had tasted the night before. The stopper hadn't held a seal. Oxygen had leaked in overnight and ruined our wine. We were tired of losing wine because of inferior pumps and stoppers, so that day we decided to create a preserver that actually worked. After years of research and testing we have it just right, a vacuum pump that won't fail, and stoppers that don't leak. We know you won't always have wine left to save, but when you do you'll taste the difference with HOYT.


The difference is in our seal!

- Chase Hoyt - Founder & CEO

How It Works


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What is it?

Our patented True-Seal Intelli-Stoppers™ and Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump are made with a self-lubricating high quality ABS plastic, that will not stick or swell, even after long use.


How does it work?

Our HOYT Intelli-Stoppers™ use new True-Seal technology, which prevents oxygen from leaking into the bottle after the seal is made. Our Intelli-Stoppers™ use a built-in indicator to show that the vacuum is not degrading, and the contents are safely preserved.


Proven quality

An independent engineering lab has tested our stoppers’ sealing power. Test results confirm that our Intelli-Stopper™ holds the seal for over 7 days.


Why HOYT is better:

1.  Built-In indicator shows that the seal is a) achieved, and b) if for some reason the seal has been


2.  New True-Seal™ technology prevents oxygen from leaking into the bottle after the seal is made.

3.  Intelli-Stopper’s™ triple o-rings create 3 air-tight sealing points.

4.  Unique interior check valve adds a fourth barrier to outside oxygen.

5.  High quality Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump is a more efficient, easier to use evacuation system that

     will not stick or swell.

6.  Innovative and elegant design developed for superior form and function.

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